Go’s success with the “gofmt” tool

I just ran across a discussion of gofmt, and I feel like the author definitely gets it, but there’s one piece to the puzzle he (or she? “Chris” is pretty ambiguous) neglected to mention. Laziness, pure and simple. He mentions that laziness wins when an opinionated person is trying to fight the convention in the context of the community, but what about those of us who don’t care about the community? Continue reading “Go’s success with the “gofmt” tool”

Go Dependency Freezing

I’m diggin’ Go, but I’ve noticed there’s a tendency to “freeze” third-party code directly into one’s repositories on github. This is absolutely awful in my opinion – the code isn’t a part of your project, so it has no place in your repository! I do understand the problems, trust me, but this approach has some issues a lot of folks won’t realize until they’re hit HARD by a show-stopper. Continue reading “Go Dependency Freezing”