Ode to bad devs, part 3: It’s more than just writing code

There are so many things a good developer has to do that nobody really understands. Especially bad developers. I’d love to say, “you know who you are”, but most bad developers have somehow managed to skate through life with no fucking idea how bad they are. I’m not sure how this happens.

A good developer isn’t just sitting around churning out code to get the job at hand done quickly. In fact, if that’s all you do when you work on a project, you’re a shitty developer. And you know what else? You’re slower than me. All that time spent rushing around is slowing you down, dumbfuck. Yes, you will finish a discrete task faster, but you will never discover better tools. You’ll never think about what you can automate. You’ll never adapt your workflow. Leaving you wasting time you don’t even know you’re wasting.

You’ll stick to what you know and you’ll call it a job well-fucking-done. You’re a complete waste of my time because you ruin shit you don’t even understand you’re ruining because you refuse to even attempt to learn a better approach. Continue reading “Ode to bad devs, part 3: It’s more than just writing code”

Ode to bad devs, part 2: Docker

Continuing my discussion of stupid developers who are dumb, just a few more words about the problems with software “engineers” these days. There is a general trend among devs lately to just skim documentation, copy some Stack Overflow code, and call it a day. Hell, maybe this “trend” was always a problem and I just didn’t notice it. But it’s definitely a problem and the devs who do it are probably a good part of the reason outsourcing can be a very good idea.

If you are going to do a job, at least pretend to half-ass it. I see developers around me constantly learning the bare minimum of a given tool or process to get the job done so they can move on. Sometimes they do nothing more than refer to a “cheat sheet” so that they never have to understand anything at all. Oftentimes they have no understanding of the inner workings of whatever it is they’re using, which leads to a great deal of the Git hate I see out there.

Git is not today’s topic. Docker is. Continue reading “Ode to bad devs, part 2: Docker”

Ode to bad devs, part 1: Harmony Central

I’d like to discuss shitty developers. Because there’s a rule that’s being violated out there by more than half the devs I’ve ever worked with, and it goes like this: developers are lazy, so we try to find ways to make our work easier.

The problem is some devs are so god damned lazy, they just churn out shit and don’t bother to even notice they’re wasting a ton of time. Continue reading “Ode to bad devs, part 1: Harmony Central”

You Are Most Likely Incapable of Reading The Fucking Manual

From You Are Most Likely Misusing Docker, I quote:

Docker started as a tool to enable easier scaling of your applications….

Today docker is usually used to distribute applications instead of just for easier scaling. If you’re using docker for your development environment you’re probably not using docker for scaling, you’re using it to get a reproducable development environment.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of dumb. Continue reading “You Are Most Likely Incapable of Reading The Fucking Manual”

Kik is wrong, but so are nodejs devs

Did you hear the one about the dev who broke nodejs?

Once upon a time there was a nodejs developer. He built stuff for the community that many people used. Then a side project, “kik”, got owned by a dick-company called Kik who refused to not be dicks. Then the developer pulled down a bunch of packages that ended up breaking the world. And everybody lived happily ever after. Continue reading “Kik is wrong, but so are nodejs devs”

Is it time for “Building a Static Site for Dummies”?

When you need a static site, is your first thought “can I use Rails”? If so, you’re a fucking idiot just like the author of the worst article on static sites ever written.

In particular, this passage makes me weep bitterly:

What if your requirements don’t require a dynamic server but you still want to use a mature web application framework your familiar with and trust such as Express or Rails.

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Transpilers are not what you think

tl;dr: Explaining terms you don’t understand makes smart people ignore your article. And I’m not even all that smart, so… this must be pretty fucked.

Please don’t start your articles with a “What is X” when you have no god damn idea what the fuck you’re talking about. For instance, if you were wondering to yourself one day, “what is transpiling?”, you’d be making a huge mistake by reading the first paragraph of Hail, Babel! The Transpiling Overlord.

The author’s just plain stupid. Continue reading “Transpilers are not what you think”

This just in: DHH is still a douchebag

Ah, DHH. A lovely series of articles showing off your inexperience once more.

And this from an “industry leader” who should know better.

There are some wonderful quotes from the father of Rails that tell me he’s still the same douchebag he’s always been, and still has no idea how quickly complex projects go bad when built with his OMFG COUPLE EVERYTHING YAY mentality. Continue reading “This just in: DHH is still a douchebag”