Why PHP will never give way to Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, etc….

PHP is an incredible language I fell in love with sometime around 2000. It simplified my Weblibs, which I had originally written as a bunch of Perl CGIs. I can’t recall the details, but I assure you that PHP was an amazing choice which improved the app tenfold. It definitely wasn’t due to my Perl skills being atrocious, or the benefit of hindsight when doing a code rewrite.

And then I was able to get fairly decent at PHP as I built more and more of my site on it. It’s truly an icon in Nerdbucket history! Continue reading “Why PHP will never give way to Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, etc….”

A new day, a new blogging app

Typo seems cool to us Ruby on Rails jerks. Because it’s Ruby on Rails. It has sexy live searching. Um… and like… did I mention it’s Ruby on Rails?

So… yeah. After the thing sucking time and again, and eating too much memory and having funny stability problems, I’ve given up. I have enough annoyances with Ruby on Rails apps (I truly hope mod_rails helps here – stay tuned for my upcoming first impressions) that I wrote myself – no need to make things worse with badly-built open source.

So here I am on WordPress. I’m willing to bet it’s just another badly-build open source app. The difference, though, is it’s been around the block, and seems to have some stability under the hood. It wasn’t written with the “do what’s cool right now!” approach – it has been more geared toward functionality. So as much as I despise PHP, I can’t deny that this app is much nicer to deal with than Typo ever was. Even the conversion of my old articles was about a 10 minute process, thanks to Will Bridges. And with some minor tweaks, I now have a (hopefully) nicer URL structure.

Yeah, I’ll lose some SEO in the mean time – major site change, loss of something like 50 old URLs, but hell, it’s time for something that isn’t a headache.