I’m not dead! Sadly, neither is Rails…

My main website languishes, having no significant updates in over a decade. I repeatedly give up on my attempts at building even simple new games. And now even this crappy blog goes nearly two years without any updates. Why? Because I’m pretty much in an abyss of hellish real-life stressy balls of shit. A huge part of my lack of motivation (I think) is my day job. Continue reading “I’m not dead! Sadly, neither is Rails…”

This just in: DHH is still a douchebag

Ah, DHH. A lovely series of articles showing off your inexperience once more.

And this from an “industry leader” who should know better.

There are some wonderful quotes from the father of Rails that tell me he’s still the same douchebag he’s always been, and still has no idea how quickly complex projects go bad when built with his OMFG COUPLE EVERYTHING YAY mentality. Continue reading “This just in: DHH is still a douchebag”

Automated testing saves the day

I’m working on a Ruby on Rails application, where automated testing is an absolute must. Unlike Java or C++, you don’t have any kind of useful compile-time warnings and errors to tell you where you’ve screwed up, made a typo, etc. Most errors in a Rails web app happen when a user interacts with your code, so if you don’t test, you don’t know about bugs until it’s too late. This is one of many reasons I’m wishing for a nice C++ project to play with… but that’s another topic for another day…. Continue reading “Automated testing saves the day”

mod_rails (Phusion Passenger) Second Impressions

After my initial setup problems with mod_rails, I never really paid much attention to the thing.

It should be noted first and foremost that all of my problems setting up Passenger appear to indeed be my own fault.

So why no follow-up until just now? The thing has been running for around six weeks and I’ve yet to talk about it since that initial setup. Did I give up on it and go back to mongrel?

Definitely not. Continue reading “mod_rails (Phusion Passenger) Second Impressions”