AutoIt fans rejoice! New version of myAutToExe available!

As I previously mentioned, I like AutoIT a great deal, but I like decompiling other people’s stuff even better. Just a couple days ago, the genius who brought us the only 3.2.6 decompiler released a new version, 2.2. I haven’t kept up like I should, but if cw2k ever gives me the okay, I’d gladly keep up a mirror as he releases new versions. For now, at least, I’ll just try to remember to check back regularly and grab the latest versions.

So if you want my local copy of myAutToExe 2.2, it’s here. If you want to get it from the source, check out either the main forum thread or the actual angelfire site.


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  1. Hi Nerdmaster, this project is very very good, very very thanks for share it. i have AutoIt and it good worked, Thanks again.

    i have a question : this is possible to create a autoit exe with some codes. for examp we have some AutoIt code and we want execute it from another program, i know must encodes AutoIt Code and put it in EOF of AutoIt.exe, but how ?

  2. Trying to get others people source codes is just immoral, and just show how pathetic some people are, no matter what the reasons you are stating.

    1. Even if these “other people” are your dead coworkers, and this “source code” is property of your company? Think before you speak. There is always a legitimate reason for utilities like this

  3. And on the flip side, trying to hide “source codes” is stupid. Then again, so is saying “others people” or pluralizing “source code,” so you’re not likely to understand most of what I write below. Give it a shot, though. You may learn something, and if not, you’ll amuse anybody watching you attempt to understand the bigger words.

    I’ve legitimately needed to view other people’s source code for security purposes in the past, to help users determine if a piece of software was safe.

    I’ve been required to view other people’s source code for job-related reasons when an old project’s source was deleted and the old developer didn’t bother to leave any way to get at it.

    In some situations, reverse-engineering allows patent violations to be discovered.

    In some situations, you just do it to learn, and can learn something about how computers work. Learning clearly not being everybody’s strong suit, this may not apply to you, but it’s a very legitimate reason all the same.

    Finally, how do you suppose anti-virus software companies determine threat levels of a virus? Guesswork? Psychics? Don’t be such a dipshit.

  4. Hi Nermaster,

    thanks for sharing. But I cant hanle it for some reason. I allways got the error :”Can’t open C:\Users\… for read/write access. File not found. I dont know whats the issue?!

    Hope u can help me out


  5. Sorry for the delay, Hacky – I only recently noticed your comment in my “unmoderated” queue :( (the things we deal with for spam protection)

    I’m not sure what your issue might be, honestly, but your best bet is the forums linked from – I am a big fan of the app, but I don’t know a lot about the inner workings, unfortunately.

  6. Thank you. The autoit compiler does not check to make sure the input file and the output file are not the same. I would have had to rewrite all of my code again. I did not want to do that. This has save me so much time. Yes, I’ve learned to backup important documents.

  7. Id like to decompile my own work as its been 7 + years since I wrote my script, I have the exe but dont have the .au3 script

    I cant seem to get your file on any website (say’s there untrusted)


    1. Unfortunately I doubt you’ll find a trusted file anywhere these days. The app, and even the reverse-engineering forum on which it was once hosted, seem to be totally dead. Even the zipfile I still have has been marked as malware. I’m not sure why, as I used it many times safely. Your best bet is probably to download the file in a virtual machine or use an app like Sandboxie to ensure you are safe from any malware.

      That being said, there’s a chance you still won’t be able to recover your files. The most recent update was over 8 years ago, and some autoit wrappers protect the au3 files way too well :(

  8. You are a lifesaver! A coworker wrote some programs, and he later passed away due to an illness. We were stuck with only the .exe files. This makes maintaining the programs here in the future impossible. I was able to decompile a program, so I think we’re good.

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