Cold Mint Listerine

Funny story. You’ll all laugh.

Today I brought a bottle of Cool Mint Listerine to work. One of those travel-sized bottles. You know, for when I eat at work and my breath is bad and I can’t score with all my hottie coworkers.

Well, I put the bottle in my lunch box so I wouldn’t forget to bring it to work. Then I put my lunch box in the fridge, having forgotten to take the bottle out once I arrived. Then I opened my lunch box just now, and found that I had a bottle of cool Cool Mint Listerine.

So I have this bottle of cool Cool Mint Listerine. Hilarious!! Haha! Right?

JESUS NO. It pisses me off, even. It’s so stupid, I end up feeling like I’m in an episode of “Friends”. Uh oh! Chandler put his god damn Cool Mint Listerine in the fridge! And that fucking laugh track grating on my nerves, firing off every few seconds to make sure we know how much fun we ought to be having. And then Joey pipes up with “Hey, so is it like… Cold Mint Listerine now?” Laugh Track. Stupid expression from Chandler. Laugh track. “Okay, then.” Laugh track. Jennifer Anniston wishing she could act. Laugh Track.

The worst part is, it would be funnier than the typical episode.

I can’t decide if I’d rather forget that “Friends” ever existed, or just kill the producers.

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