Is it time for “Building a Static Site for Dummies”?

When you need a static site, is your first thought “can I use Rails”? If so, you’re a fucking idiot just like the author of the worst article on static sites ever written.

In particular, this passage makes me weep bitterly:

What if your requirements don’t require a dynamic server but you still want to use a mature web application framework your familiar with and trust such as Express or Rails.

So … in this scenario, we’re talking about somebody who is so inflexible, so afraid of doing things the sane way, they can’t even consider a static site technology? They’d rather inflict the pain and maintenance of a heavyweight solution coupled with a CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION server, and then scraped with wget…?? WHAT THE FUCK?

Also: ignoring requirements. Well done, you’ll be a valuable addition to any dev team.

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly legitimate uses for this kind of insanity. Maybe you have shitty Rails-only devs (redundant, I know). Maybe you need an administrative tool for managing your content, such as Drupal, but you really don’t want the hassle of a giant PHP app, and hey, it’s just easier to bloat shit a bit. Fine.

But this shitty article doesn’t present any use cases that aren’t ridiculous. It presents us shitty “what if”s like the one quoted above. It also presents us the author’s site, clearly built by one or more stupid fucks who are incapable of adapting to a different fucking thought process.

I hope I never ever work with said author. Oh my god. I can already taste the rancor.

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