Netflix kinda sucks

This is an actual email conversation. Even if netflix offers to blow me, I’m switching. Just thought the world should know that however sucky Blockbuster may be, avoiding them is not worth taking it in the bum time and again.

I authored the original email, quoted below.  I'm amazed at the lack of
care for your customers.  Not only did you reply to the wrong person
(reading the ENTIRE email would have told you who the message actually
came from), but you didn't even address our concerns.  Your service
suddenly took a dive and all you can do is give us a canned response
about the USPS?  Undeliverable mail?  We've been getting mail at our
address for a very long time without incident, so don't go blaming your
company's problems on the USPS without at least some kind of

1 - Two movies in a row were "lost", and one miraculously reappeared. 2 - One movie (Underworld) was shipped incorrectly. This issue just sort of disappeared and wasn't even acknowledged in your message.

And even if the screwup for THREE MOVIES (two of which were nearly back- to-back) is somehow truly USPS's fault, it still might be a good idea from a customer service perspective to try to appease the customer who has just mentioned that they're ready to switch service!

Anyway, thanks for cementing our decision for us. We'll be cancelling as soon as we get our queues set up and whatnot. I look forward to seeing how your unique views on customer retention work out.

Jeremy Echols

On 10/6/06, Karen Echols Photography wrote:

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your inquiry.

We appreciate you letting us know that you never received the movie, yet it was checked back into our warehouse. It is the policy of the USPS to return mail that is undeliverable. The most common reasons are: the mail was damaged in processing and the label was illegible, the mailer cover became separated from the rest of the envelope, or an error with the USPS known as "Looping" occurred where the movie was returned to us in error instead of being delivered.

If you still wish to view this title, please feel free to add it to your Rental Queue.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks, Jennifer Netflix Customer Service

-----Original Message----- From: Sent: Friday, October 06, 2006 4:53:07 PM To: Subject: Shipping and Receiving Movies: Other

Subject: contact customer service To whom it may concern:

We've been with Netflix now for over a year, and have always been willing to put up with the throttling because we just didn't see the switch to Blockbuster as a viable option. Recently, however, we've had one movie shipped incorrectly (with no attempt so far to correct the issue) and two movies go missing.

I had Underworld, 1986 (crime / comedy), on my queue and got Underworld, 2003 (vampire / werewolf). I reported it as being in the wrong sleeve, and yet it never got sent back to me.

After I reported "Run Lola Run" missing, it mysteriously got returned (I never had it, so how could it have been returned?), according to your status report, and it cost me about a week and a half of waiting for you to get the movie to me for what you claimed was the second time.

Now we've got "The Sentinel" suddenly missing yet again. Wonder how long before you claim we've returned that one, too?

If you can't find some way to explain your service problems and actually, God forbid, communicate with your customers, don't be surprised when we switch to the inferior service at Blockbuster. I'd rather get less, but get what's advertised than keep getting these random problems that I can't even adequately talk to a real person about. Jeremy Echols [Address & Phone Number]

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