Stardock makes a huge mistake… and apologizes?

I don’t have enough time for anymore, and it shows very clearly on the “games” side of things… though this article’s lateness should also be a pretty good indicator. Too much is going on in my real life, unfortunately.

But I thought I would take a moment to pay respect to Stardock. After Galactic Civilizations II, particularly with its expansions, I was very impressed with their quality of games. So much so that I pre-ordered Elemental: War of Magic. Continue reading “Stardock makes a huge mistake… and apologizes?”

Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, problems launching, problems playing, and windows 7

This drove me completely freaking crazy for the past few days. Hopefully my pain can help somebody else.

After dealing with the incredible disappointment of Elemental, Stardock’s newest game (a subject I will probably go into further detail on the another time), I decided to break out Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic. Continue reading “Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, problems launching, problems playing, and windows 7”

Twilight of the Arnor — Unhappy Campers

I just finished talking about my first full game of GC2:TotA, and how much I enjoy all the new content. Critics seem to agree – Metacritic shows a 95% average rating for this expansion, and gamerankings shows an average of 94%. These numbers are phenominal, by the way. On metacritic’s PC Games list, Twilight, a mere expansion, is number seven of all time. It beat classics such as Quake, Diablo, and Command and Conquer, as well as newer hits like Elder Scrolls IV (Oblivion) and Civilization IV. Continue reading “Twilight of the Arnor — Unhappy Campers”

Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor – Second Impressions

Well… it only took me about a month to finish my first game of the official version of TotA, which isn’t terrible considering (a) I have very little spare time, (b) I chose to play on the new map size, immense, and (c) I got bored about halfway through the game.

Now let’s be fair – I made the incredibly huge mistake of playing on an immense map, so getting bored was my own fault. But… Continue reading “Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor – Second Impressions”