Dependency injection by any other name… still means you’re an idiot

Summary for those who don’t want to read yet another angry nerd rant

Dependency Injection is still Dependency Injection even if you use an approach that’s specific to Ruby 2.1 and decide to call it “Interception Injection”. Just like incompetent developers are still incompetent even if they start inventing fake patterns. Continue reading “Dependency injection by any other name… still means you’re an idiot”

Ruby lovers rejoice! Net::YAIL 1.4.0 released!

I suspect there are still some bugs, as I only have one bot I use to test the thing, but there’s a lot of really good new stuff. I’m trying to move everything that makes sense into github, so the changelog is available on the Net::YAIL github wiki. Highlights: there’s finally a topic-change event, you can now register a block as a handler, some core issues are fixed in parsing, and I’ve paved the way for object-based handlers and filters. Continue reading “Ruby lovers rejoice! Net::YAIL 1.4.0 released!”