Ruby lovers rejoice! Net::YAIL 1.4.0 released!

I suspect there are still some bugs, as I only have one bot I use to test the thing, but there’s a lot of really good new stuff. I’m trying to move everything that makes sense into github, so the changelog is available on the Net::YAIL github wiki. Highlights: there’s finally a topic-change event, you can now register a block as a handler, some core issues are fixed in parsing, and I’ve paved the way for object-based handlers and filters.

Quick overview: I’m spending only 3-5 hours a week on this, so it’s slow-going, but it’s actually going at least. Other nerdbucket projects should be considered dead until further notice. My Flash-based game is “almost” done, but there are so many pieces of polish it needs that I don’t feel like there’s any point releasing until I’ve put in at least another 150-300 hours of work. Roguelike work is totally dead. Site updates will probably never happen.

Real life gets in the way too much, so be happy I’m giving you jerks a new Net::YAIL to play with ;)

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