Why PHP will never give way to Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, etc….

PHP is an incredible language I fell in love with sometime around 2000. It simplified my Weblibs, which I had originally written as a bunch of Perl CGIs. I can’t recall the details, but I assure you that PHP was an amazing choice which improved the app tenfold. It definitely wasn’t due to my Perl skills being atrocious, or the benefit of hindsight when doing a code rewrite.

And then I was able to get fairly decent at PHP as I built more and more of my site on it. It’s truly an icon in Nerdbucket history! Continue reading “Why PHP will never give way to Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, etc….”

Is it time for “Building a Static Site for Dummies”?

When you need a static site, is your first thought “can I use Rails”? If so, you’re a fucking idiot just like the author of the worst article on static sites ever written.

In particular, this passage makes me weep bitterly:

What if your requirements don’t require a dynamic server but you still want to use a mature web application framework your familiar with and trust such as Express or Rails.

Continue reading “Is it time for “Building a Static Site for Dummies”?”

Transpilers are not what you think

tl;dr: Explaining terms you don’t understand makes smart people ignore your article. And I’m not even all that smart, so… this must be pretty fucked.

Please don’t start your articles with a “What is X” when you have no god damn idea what the fuck you’re talking about. For instance, if you were wondering to yourself one day, “what is transpiling?”, you’d be making a huge mistake by reading the first paragraph of Hail, Babel! The Transpiling Overlord.

The author’s just plain stupid. Continue reading “Transpilers are not what you think”

Go Dependency Freezing

I’m diggin’ Go, but I’ve noticed there’s a tendency to “freeze” third-party code directly into one’s repositories on github. This is absolutely awful in my opinion – the code isn’t a part of your project, so it has no place in your repository! I do understand the problems, trust me, but this approach has some issues a lot of folks won’t realize until they’re hit HARD by a show-stopper. Continue reading “Go Dependency Freezing”

My new favorite error message

I wanted to turn a service on for a CentOS system, so naturally I ran chkconfig foo on. I forgot to run sudo first.

The message I got: You do not have enough privileges to perform this operation.

I don’t know why, but that makes me smile. I guess I sort of picture some bizarre currency called a “privilege”, and if you don’t have enough of those, you can’t afford to do stuff on the server. You don’t have enough privileges! Go find some more or get the fuck outta my server! Maybe if you and your buddies all pool your privileges you’ll be able to enable that service.

I half expect an in-app purchase window to pop up offering to sell me bundles of privileges. 10 privileges for $0.99, or BEST DEAL 100 privileges FOR JUST $4.99! Most Popular

This just in: DHH is still a douchebag

Ah, DHH. A lovely series of articles showing off your inexperience once more.

And this from an “industry leader” who should know better.

There are some wonderful quotes from the father of Rails that tell me he’s still the same douchebag he’s always been, and still has no idea how quickly complex projects go bad when built with his OMFG COUPLE EVERYTHING YAY mentality. Continue reading “This just in: DHH is still a douchebag”


Again, why I hate all you fucking Ruby developers

I have a serious issue with Ruby magic.. no, wait, Rails magic… hmm, well no, maybe magic within the funky “sub-framework” I use?

Oh FUCKIN’ A, I don’t know. There’s a project I work on and it uses Rails. And it’s using an unnamed and incredibly shitty “sub-framework” (referred to henceforth as “Cyclops”) that forces us to use very specific gems whether we like it or not. In some cases the gems are cool, and in some cases they are the fucking devil himself. Continue reading “HI IM RAILS I CAN HAZ MAGIC?”

The Hobbit: Too Real?

(Caveat: I have not seen The Hobbit in any form, I’m just reporting based on similar experiences)

Chapter I: The Story So Far

A lot of people over the years have touted the advantages of a faster frame-rate. In games, frame-rate has almost become something of a status symbol – games boasting a high frame-rate get a special place in gamers’ hearts, even if the game is no good. Gamers with the system powerful enough to achieve high frame-rates are demi-gods to whom us lesser nerds must bow down.

But many of us, myself included, have felt that this whole discussion is a bit… absurd. Let’s face it, the human eye is okay with 24 frames per second. If it wasn’t, movies wouldn’t have survived as they have, and at that frame-rate. Beyond that, some people feel the picture gets more fluid or realistic or whatever, but there’s always been debates about the value of high frame-rates. Continue reading “The Hobbit: Too Real?”