AutoIt Decompiler for v3.2.6+

I’m a huge fan of AutoIt – I think the program is a wonderful tool for administrators as well as casual programmers who just like to mess with stuff. However, I recently discovered that the developer of AutoIt, in an ongoing quest for “security,” has disabled the ability to reverse-engineer autoit scripts!

Now, I’m all for security when people write software, but giving scripts this level of security actually introduces security risks! I just don’t like running some random AutoIt script without being able to look at the source code. If I run a “normal” compiled app, my virus scanner will generally let me know if it’s safe to run. But a script written in AutoIt can so easily be a trojan (or other destructive tool) and nothing can likely catch it because of the nature of scripted programs.

Yes, I’m aware somebody could write a C++ app that’s just as dangerous as AutoIt can produce, but this requires a lot more intelligence and effort than just writing an AutoIt script. AutoIt is made to be pretty friendly for non-programmers.

So to me, this is an absurd limitation – all scripts should be reversible for the sake of security! Luckily for the world, somebody has written a usable decompiler called myAutToExe, and I’m providing a local copy of 2.00 Alpha since the site is hard to find and hosted on Angelfire. For the original and latest versions, go to

Note: I haven’t contacted the author of myAutToExe about this (the page has no contact information). I can’t imagine he’d complain, but if anybody knows a way in which I can contact him, I’m all ears. I’d love to set up a proper mirror.

UPDATE: I’ve updated the link to the latest version since being contacted by cw2k (the author of myAutToExe).

UPDATE UPDATE: Fixed the URL for getting the latest version – apparently the forum site moved.

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    1. Indeed. Looks like the site got taken down a month ago or so, not sure what’s going on now. I just attempted to PM the author on a site he moderates, we’ll see what happens.

  2. I’m trying to decompile an exe made with AutoIt version but it doesn’t seem to work. Is there any newer version of the decompiler?

  3. I found this website whilst searching for a program to decompile an old script of mine shortly before I found Exe2Aut. It doesn’t seem to be the one that’s shipped with AutoIt. Maybe worth a try for all those who are looking for an actually working autoit decompiler.

    1. It’s probably long past time I killed this version anyway, since it’s way out-of-date. I can assure you that when I first downloaded it, it didn’t have a virus, so I’ll have to see if something weird is going on. However, if you’re concerned, I believe that package does have source code, which you could compile yourself instead of using the pre-compiled binary.

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