Network Solutions’ domain name front running – the monopoly that wouldn’t die

It seems that the once-monopolistic domain registrar, Network Solutions, has decided they need more power again. Domain Name Wire’s article reads like a bizarre April Fool’s joke at first glance, but it’s true. I tried it out with just for kicks, and those bastards really did park the domain.

Their motives almost seem genuine: “This is a customer protection measure to protect customers from frontrunners. After four days, we release the domain.” says Network Solution’s spin doctor PR spokeswoman, Susan Wade.

But if this is truly their goal, why is there no mention of it when you do a search? Why is there no option to skip it? Why the hell isn’t there a giant blinking warning? “IF YOU SEARCH FOR A DOMAIN WE’LL F*CKING SNAG IT FOR FOUR DAYS SO YOU CAN’T SHOP AROUND!”

I get it that they aren’t forcing you to pay a premium to register the domain from them. They’re just “safeguarding” it from the real front runners. But the thing is, they’re guaranteeing that if I do a search for a domain, I can not shop around for prices without going through this BS waiting period. A much more elegant solution (if they really want one, which I suspect they do not) would be a little checkbox:

Protect this domain from front running?

If it takes me two minutes to come up with a solution that isn’t controversial, it can’t be that hard….

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