Bloodsport Colosseum Update!

So it is finally here, my preciouses. v0.12. The biggest change to the core mechanics since day 1. I urge you all to read the “Change Log”:, as a large amount of stuff is totally different.

For you lazy folk who don’t like to read, here’s a really basic rundown: * Stats are totally revamped – the “balanced” strategy, though still not the best long-term strategy, is much better early on, and still works out okay even on the highest-leveled gladiators. * All weapons have attributes instead of materials. I can’t explain this in a news blurb. Read the change log or else figure it out on your own. * Item purchasing is now semi-manager-specific. No more days of everybody buying the same equipment. * Skills now modify things with less effort. Every 1% gain to a skill gives you some boost, even if it’s pretty small. * I’ve banned certain users who kept telling me I was lazy for going so long without an update. Seriously. I don’t appreciate my hard work being demeaned like that. I died for your sins, you ungrateful, no-good #@%&s.

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