I seem to suffer from some rarely-heard-of form of insomnia in which I generally sleep well, but sometimes can’t fall asleep for hours. And when I fall asleep, I usually sleep well, but only if I don’t go to sleep too early.

Tonight I fell asleep putting Alex (my son) to bed, and that was around 8pm. I woke up just before 1am, and haven’t been able to sleep since then.

The worst part of this almost nonexistent disorder is that sleeping medication doesn’t work either… I tried some of that hardcore stuff you need a prescription for (Ambien or Lunesta, can’t recall which). That stuff seems like it would be great if one feels that he isn’t bumping into walls or falling on his ass often enough – it’s definitely got the “impair motor functions” bit down pat. But it just didn’t make me sleep any better than normal.

Why is that the worst part, you ask? Well, simple. For a sleep disorder that strikes randomly, there would be little fear of growing dependent on (or even gaining a tolerance to) the sleep meds. So in my situation, they ought to be a fracking lifesaver!

On the plus side, this means I have a bit of extra time to work on Bloodsport Coliseum before I stop being able to function for the day!

h6. Yes, I said “fracking”. I have heard rumor that kids as young as 10 hit my blog (in fact I think they’re my main demographic), and as much as I like to corrupt minors, I prefer to do it in more interesting ways. So expect more Battlestar Galactica swearing over Real World swearing from now on.

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