Spammers: 2; Nerdmaster: 0

The spammers win again. This one is just precious:


I attached the clients' accounts for your next operation.

Please look through them and collect their data. I expect to hear from you soon.

Dwayne Lane
Managing Director Investment Banking
Tel.: (314) 860-41-26

This makes me feel like some kind of secret agent! My next operation? “collect their data”? AWESOME! I also like that Dwayne Lane attached the clients’ accounts. Not a list of clients or a spreadsheet of accounting data or something, but their accounts…. What does that even mean, you ask? FUCK YOU, I’m a secret agent, I don’t have to tell you!

I’m a little disappointed the message didn’t self-destruct, though.

Some footnotes:

  • No, I do not actually have an email address called “XYZZY”. A recent email breach has me paranoid.
  • Yes, they really did hyphenate the telephone number like that.

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